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Dine MG 2018
February is National Restaurant Month and Dining in Morton Grove can make you a winner! Enter for a chance to win ONE of TEN $25 gift cards!

Two ways to enter!

Bring your Morton Grove restaurant receipt dated in February 2018 to the Village Hall. Every $25 worth of receipts brought in together is an entry!

If you bring in one receipt for $27.50 = 1 entry!
If you bring in one receipt for $45.25 and another receipt for $9.50 = 2 entries!

Upload photos of you or your friends dining in a Village restaurant at the DINE MG CONTEST page on the Village website. Each upload is an entry! We might even use the best pictures for promotional material on our Facebook page!

Pro tips:
Show the delicious food in all your photos! If in doubt, just upload the food pics!
Make sure we can identify the restaurant you’re in! Take a picture of the signature dish, or with a menu or wall signage – get creative!
The $25 per entry rule doesn’t apply to photo uploads, so upload early and often!


Do I have to be a Morton Grove resident to enter? No, we welcome diners from everywhere – it just has to be at a Morton Grove restaurant.

Will you use my photo submission on Facebook (or for other publicity)? Possibly, but only the best pictures.

Will you accept pictures or photocopies of receipts? No, photo submissions are for diners and food only. Receipt entries shall be original receipts only.

If I submit a photo of food, does it have to $25 worth of food? No, the $25 criteria only applies to the RECEIPT ENTRY method.

Will you add up my receipts if I bring them in on separate occasions? No, entries for receipts will be counted for all receipts brought in on the same visit only.